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Updated 2way Sales Contact Information

Sales and Business Inquiries

Looking to setup a personal network of 2way users…Anyone interested in Networking with Business Minded Individuals…Please dont hesitate to contact me. My Direct Business Line is 702.473.0095

Trying to bring back the old “Status Quo”…Custom Airbrushed 2WAys - Get Linked up with your own Mobile Email Address…Get linked with a @SKyTeL.com email address and Toll Free number. Remain Anonymous and 2WaYs are untraceable as they run on a different network…Service can be easily obtained by contacting me for the connections.

I am personal friends with someone who runs a Paging company and service can be initiated by giving his company a call…I also offer Custom Airbrushing Services for your Device to set you apart from the rest.

Stay connected with your Toll Free number and Mobile Wireless Address…the 2way supplements your Business needs and provides for a more direct access of yourself.

Questions or Concerns, or Business Inquiries:

Vinnie Sabaygo -aka- “GaDGeT”

2Way Supplier/Alert Producer




Hit me on my 2way Chappy! 

For Sales Inquiries - Contact: VinnieSabaygo@gmail.com

2ways in stock! - Limited Supply - 1 Silver Left

**Offering Airbrushing Service for your 2way**

2WaY at a Glance - Timeport P935
Where Can I Find Service Providers for my 2way?
Sabaygo: USAMobility.com for cheapest 2way Pager service - $10 Activation fee and various 2way Messaging Plans...I recommend the 250,000 Character plan and also if youre looking for a nicer deal, PageplusAZ.com they have the Unlimited Skytel Service for $40.00 a month. First and Last Month due for Activation which means it would cost you $80.00 to get your 2way turned on for 2 months of uninterrupted service and $40 a month thereafter.
What is a 2way?
Sabaygo: A 2way is a messaging device and a Information Manager, You get features such as Contacts, Memos, Games, Jukebox **make beats**, You can make your own "Ringtones" which are called "Alerts". Of course, you can Read and Write messages all from the device. You can Text phones, Email, Send Faxes, and you also get your own Toll Free number in which people can call and leave you voice messages or you can have a Toll Free operator dispatch messages out to the device. Lets say I call your 2way and the representative answers, I speak out what I want to say and then the operator dispatches the message out to the 2way. Lots of cool things you can do with these devices. They are meant to supplement your business/personal endeavours or if you want to have another medium such as a direct mobile email address.

2way Alerts on SMaSH!!! - Learning how to make 2way Alerts. 

Throwback Joint right there…Puff and Jay on the INFaMouS 2WaY

Throwback Joint right there…Puff and Jay on the INFaMouS 2WaY

It is not what we make ourselves out to be, its what we make out of ourselves
Vinnie Sabaygo

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Where to get service for your 2way